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Enjoy the freedom and control of self-management without the burden of managing your budget yourself

NDIS Plan Management for Participants

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is life changing for many people. Partnering with the right providers is crucial in enabling you to get the quality care and support you need.

When you work with First2Care you get the support you need – delivered with complete transparency and tryly independent Plan Management. We take the burden of budgets, paperwork and compliance from you, so that you can focus on achieving your goals, and enjoying life.

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Your NDIS Plan: Your Choice

The NDIS shouldn’t be stressful. So, when you begin pre-planning for the NDIS, you should consider which Plan Management option will enable you to achieve your goals, and live the life you want to live.

There are three main options to consider. Agency, Plan or Self-Management.


If you’re worried about losing choice and control over your support, but still want help and guidance with the financial and administrative side, engaging a Plan Manager is an option you should consider. 

Feel confident in your NDIS journey with First2Care by your side

Financial Management with you in control


Enjoy the same flexibility of choice and control that self-management offers, without the stresses of the administrative and financial record keeping. Our approachable and experienced First2Care Plan Management Team work closely with you every step of the way.


Our team take their direction from you, meaning you get the tailored, meaningful help with NDIS Plan Management to pay invoices track expenses and explaining what exenses you can include.


Have the freedom to choose from registered or non-registered service providers that best meet your needs and fit your budget. Your plan, your choice – with a little help from our First2Care Plan Management team.

First2Care App

Stay in the loop with Australia’s Best Plan Management Plan Management team, First2Care. Where you can check your budgeted expenses always just click away. 


You’re in complete control of your plan and your supports, without the hassle of paperwork and the burden of paying the bills, so you can spend more time living your life and achieving your dreams.


Plan Managers provide reports to participants on a monthly basis, but with First2Care you can see how your tracking against your Plan through your custom dashboard.

What does tailored, meaningful Financial Services mean for you?

Our Financial Intermediary Services (Plan Management) will make a difference to your life.

No out of pocket costs for Plan Management – the NDIA pays your plan manager directly for you

The freedom of complete choice and control over your supports – just as if you were self-managing your funds

The ability to choose registered and non-registered service providers

Maintain control of your supports and budgets – without the administrative burden of managing your NDIS funding

Personalised, one-on-one support for your Plan Management – so you spend less time managing finances and administration, and more time on achieving your goals and living life

Option to develop your skills in Plan Managing with our collaborative approach

Complete transparency with your budget. Access and update your information at any time using First2Care

Feel confident in your NDIS journey with Support Management Solutions and First2Care by your side

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First2Care provide transparent NDIS Plan Management.

First2Care are registered to provide Plan Management services across Australia (with WA pending). Let us be your first choice in NDIS Plan Management, so you can focus on the stuff you love.




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