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Exploring Overseas Buying Options

Buying Internationally under the NDIS

It is a requirement of the NDIA that all providers hold a valid and current ABN for all claims. This is true even of reimbursements made directly to the participant or their representative. What this generally means is that providers must be an Australian-based company. Some large international providers with an Australian presence will also hold an ABN and are therefore eligible for use with NDIS funding.

Using Australian Providers

In most circumstances, this means that overseas providers can not be utilised to provide supports or be used to purchase Consumables/Assistive Technology items. We will recommend that an Australian provider is utilised when possible.

In some cases, using an overseas provider is the only viable option. This could be because there is no equivalent Australian provider that makes a certain item or provides a particular service. It is possible that these can still be funded, however there is an extra step in the process.

The participant or their representative would need to contact the overseas provider to arrange the completion of an Australian Business Number (ABN) exemption form "Statement by A Supplier" (If a Statement-by-a-Supplier-Form is not able to be completed by the provider, then the participant will be unable to use NDIS funds for this purchase). This is a mandatory form that the Plan Manager must have on file before processing payments from any provider who does not possess an ABN, including overseas providers.

All the usual criteria surrounding Reasonable & Necessary still apply. The support or purchases must still be linked towards the participant’s disability or stated goals.

Invoicing best practices

So that we can best process invoices and receipts for overseas providers, there are also some other criteria that must be adhered to.

When payments are being made to the provider directly, we will require the invoice to be in Australian Dollars.

When payments are being made to the client or their representative as a reimbursement, we will require the total amount in Australian Dollars in addition to a proof of payment and total amount. This is best provided with a screenshot of the transaction on a bank statement. Unneeded or sensitive information can be censored or cropped out.


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