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Get to Know the New NDIS PACE System

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

The NDIS has recently introduced a new system called PACE with the aim of improving and enhancing the participant experience. The NDIA have been trialling this system in Tasmania since November 2022, and expect to roll out it out to the rest of Australia in November 2023. Stay tuned to our newsletter for updates between now and then!

Young woman with disability makes notes, planning day, using artificial robotic hand.

So, what exactly is the NDIS PACE system?

PACE is a new computer system aimed at improving connections between participants and the NDIS and bring efficiency within the NDIA to allow their staff and partners to have more time supporting people with disability to access supports.


The planning aspect of PACE ensures that participants have greater input and involvement in the development of their NDIS plans. The NDIA will be moving toward having longer plans of up to three years, with a year-by-year annual budget. Each year, the NDIS will conduct a check in to discuss your plan funding, goals, and ask if any changes to your plan are needed.

While the national rollout is planned for the start of November, it will only apply to new plans or plan that are scheduled for reassessment. If your plan is not scheduled to end soon, it could be up to 12 or 18 months before you transition to the new system.


Under the new system, there will be no changes to how supports are funded or the maximum rates that can be claimed. However, the NDIS will be adding six new support categories. New plans will be built with the categories in mind, not “line-by-line”, which will bring more flexibility to how the total budget can be used. Next month we will focus in on these categories to explore what it means for new plans.

What are the benefits of the PACE system for participants and plan managers?

For plan managers and participants, the PACE system is intended to bring about positive change. The removal of service bookings means far less administration is required to onboard and manage funding, which should result in a smoother experience when engaging with or changing a plan manager.

Will there be a change to how participants request plan management?

If you’re new to the NDIS, during your planning meeting your LAC, NDIA representative or Early Childhood Partner may ask if you already know which Plan Management provider you would like to work with. If you would like to join First2Care, you can share the below details:

Name: First2Care

ABN: 24 601 046 155

If you’re already an NDIS participant, when the transition to the PACE system occurs, you’ll need to confirm that you wish to continue with First2Care. We will become an approved provider moving forward without any interruption to the way we normally work with you.

While the new PACE system is intended to have minimal impact on day-to-day supports and services, there are definitely a few changes that will take some getting used to, for participants and providers alike. First2Care will continue to share our knowledge of the new system between now and the rollout, so watch this space!

Read more about the benefits of working with an independent, professional Plan Manager. Alternatively, contact our friendly team on 1300 322 273 or



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