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How First2Care helped Greg Hayden create a well-developed NDIS participant plan

“I was pleasantly surprised at how well the pre-planning tool had prepared me.”

Greg Hayden tells us about his NDIS participant plan

Wading through the sea of information that is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can seem like a near impossible task. And to add to the confusion, the waters are only made murky by tough questions and complex processes.

You need to work out what you’re eligible for, find who provides the supports you need, identify your goals and decide what you want your future to look like. These are tough questions to answer, because as a participant you’ve probably never had to justify your funding like this before.

Understandably, some people struggle.

First2Care’s aim is to throw a lifeline to those who are struggling, by simplifying the process and making it easy to create your NDIS participant plan, and access a variety of support services.

For Greg Hayden, First2Care made the pre-planning phase a breeze.

Greg first heard of the First2Care app at a meeting held at the Sunnybank Hills shopping centre nearly 12 months ago. Having known a little about how the NDIS worked already, the service First2Care provided made immediate sense.

“I just picked it up really easy and started working on it,” Greg said. And within the first two days of using First2Care, he’d completed three quarters of his pre-plan.

The simplicity of the First2Care software ensured that Greg, someone who has always self managed his services, was able to complete his NDIS planning independently. Had he wanted to, Greg could have used the First2Care app to connect with additional pre-planning services to help guide him through his preparation and assist with the decision-making process.

Greg works as a primary school teacher in Browns Plains, Logan, and lives independently. As a paraplegic he uses a wheelchair to get around. Being someone who lives with very little assistance around the home, a secure occupation and no plans to retire in the near future, Greg’s needs were pretty straightforward. They mostly related to equipment for daily living, such as compression socks, KY Gel to be used for his catheter, wheelchairs, cushions, and maintenance for such things.

Greg said he kept in mind that the people at the NDIA didn’t know him or his circumstances when he was creating his plan. “You have to really set it out well, so that they’ll look at it, read it and put it [everything you need] into the funding,” Greg said.

He was able to research the equipment he wanted in his plan, and the pre-planning template helped do the rest. Regardless of your level of need, First2Care’s pre-planning template can be used to assist with designing your NDIS participant plan.

Greg didn’t know what to expect from his first planning meeting with the National Disability Insurance Agency (the NDIA), but was pleasantly surprised at how well the pre-planning tool had prepared him. He explained that there wasn’t much left for the NDIA officer to do once she had read the planning document.

“She [the NDIA officer] said, ‘My God, I’ve got nothing to plan because you’ve already done it.’”

If Greg receives his plan with a resounding thumbs-up, he will enjoy not having to reach into his back pocket for a number of services, such as mowing the lawn, and cleaning those hard-to-reach areas like windows.

At this point in time, Greg hasn’t been given an indication as to whether his requests will be met, but by taking advantage of the wonderful services First2Care offers, he’s ensured that his swim through the sea of NDIS information has been a calm one.

Thank you for starting your NDIS journey with us, Greg.

Over to you

Have you had your planning meeting with the NDIA yet? What do you think would make this process easier? Let us know in the comments below.

Greg Hayden tells how First2Care helped him create a well-developed NDIS participant plan