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NDIS Preparation for Service Providers | A simple test

How prepared is your organisation for the NDIS? A simple test

The organisations that are the best prepared to capitalise on the NDIS will do nine things very well. Use this simple test to see how well prepared your organisation is for doing business in the NDIS.

1. Can you clearly and simply define your purpose? Does your organisation integrate that purpose into everything you do, using it to make decisions and provide meaning to the work?

2. Have you set an aggressive vision? Does your organisation have a clear vision for the future and are you able to articulate what you want to accomplish in a certain period of time? 

3. Is your organisation bound together by shared values? Does your organisation live its values every day? Are those values used to inform how you hire, develop skills and make decisions?

4. Do you have active, aligned and engaged leaders? Do your leaders model the values and behaviours of the organisation? Does your organisation invest in leadership development?

5. Have you cultivated operational discipline? Does your organisation have a focus on what’s important and does it make smart decisions about what to do and what not to do?

6. Is your organisation flexible and adaptable to change? Does your organisation pay attention to the market? Does it have keen insight into what’s relevant, and can it take risks, fail fast and learn from its experiences?

7. Do you have the resources and capabilities to gain a competitive advantage? Has your organisation invested in the appropriate resources to gain a competitive advantage in the new market? Has your organisation invested in its people, marketing, digitisation?

8. Does your organisation have big ambitions? Is your organisation constantly looking for new opportunities to tackle? Is it satisfied with the status quo, or is it constantly looking to improve itself and its ability to be competitive and to better serve its stakeholders?

9. Is your organisation truly human-centred? Being a human service organisation doesn’t necessarily mean you are human-centred in your approach to business. Does your organisation base all its decisions on the needs of the customer?

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