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PACE and Assistive technology Rentals

Renting or hiring assistive technology (AT), is common practice within the NDIS space. Many of our providers, from therapists who conduct assessments to support workers assisting participants to utilise their AT in day-to-day life, will know that AT needs can change quickly.

Under the NDIA’s new PACE system, AT rental has been separated from the general Capital AT budget and moved into a standalone category called Assistive Technology Maintenance, Repair and Rental (19).

Because it is now in its own category, it is a little more restrictive. Funds within the Capital budget are stated, which means they must be spent in the way it is described in the plan. The NDIS are slowly transitioning plans over to PACE, which makes it important to support participants to ensure that if it is known that AT rental will be required and the plan is being reassessed, the request is made of the NDIA to add funding into the new category.

While the NDIA’s operation guideline does note that participants may be able to use flexible plan funds to rent AT, we recommend that support coordinators, occupational therapists, and other providers involved in supporting participants with assessment and selection of AT rental items remain aware that the new category exists and the NDIA would expect that changes in AT needs should be made known so that funding can be added.


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