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Provider Spotlight: Hireup

Want a support worker that suits your needs? Check out Australia’s largest online network of support workers in Australia – Hireup. Finding, hiring, and managing supports has never been easier!

Powerchair Football teammates
Powerchair Football teammates with Hireup and First2Care staff

How it all began

Hireup began with Shane.

Shane was born with Cerabal Palsy which meant support workers were part of his daily life, and part of the lives of Jordan and Laura O’Reilly, Shane’s brother and sister. While studying at university, Jordan became a disability support worker and soon realised that the system was as broken and disconnected for people with disability as it was for support workers.

His experience as a family member of a person with disability and as a support worker gave him a unique perspective of the challenges in the current system as well as a way to change the system for the better. Jordan teamed up with his sister Laura and together they created Hireup, Australia’s first online disability support network that puts its users in control.

What is Hireup?

Hireup is a registered NDIS provider with the largest online network of support workers in Australia. They provide necessary support and assistance to all age groups in every state and territory in the country.

The supports they can provide include:

  • Personal care

  • Help around the home

  • In home care

  • Transport

  • Therapy support

  • Out and about – community access

  • Specialist (high needs)

  • Employment and education support

How Hireup works

People with disability and support workers can create a personal Hireup profile that outlines who you are, what supports you need (for people with disability) and what supports you provide (for support workers). These profiles enable people to engage with each other based on shared interests.

There are two ways to find a support worker using Hireup:

  1. Use the search feature which can be refined by age, gender, location, and support types

  2. Post an ad on the job board outlining the type of worker and support needed

Support workers can be booked directly through the platform. Behind the scenes, Hireup take care of everything including a support workers’ pay, tax, super and insurance.

How NDIS funding works with Hireup

Hireup keep pricing low to ensure that you can make the most of your support and is available to all NDIS participants whether they are self-managed, plan managed or agency managed. NDIS participants can use a disability support package or their own personal income to pay for supports.

Hireup, QPFA & Community Support

Hireup became involved with Queensland Powerchair Football Association (QPFA) in early 2022. Throughout the year, they’ve teamed up with First2Care and other disability providers to sponsor two QPFA teams to travel to Sydney to represent Queensland at the Powerchair Football Australian Club Championships. Being part of the sponsorship process was an easy choice for Hireup, especially given there were Hireup clients set to play in the competition.

Hireup’s head of community engagement, Steph Lorenzo, said “representing your state in a sport is a great achievement, so when the opportunity came to be part of a local network to support the two Brisbane powerchair football teams to attend the national games in Sydney, we were excited to be part of it.”

Their involvement in the sport doesn’t stop with the sponsorship, Hireup have also hosted several ‘Come and Try’ days so people with disability can experience the sport.

“Through Hireup we hear about so many incredible goals that clients are working towards. To be able to compete at a national level against other powerchair football teams across Australia is unique and incredible! We were also really happy to learn about this opportunity from two clients of Hireup who play in this league, so it really was a win win.”

The ongoing support for their clients, dedication, and focus on providing the best support options for everyone make Hireup a provider you want on your team.

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