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Rostering software for disability support

Rostering software for disability support, First2Care

How to manage your NDIS support team using First2Care

Many NDIS plans include a budget for support workers, who assist with personal care and other health and lifestyle activities.

These people play a vital role in helping you achieve your goals. Over time, these support workers can become a team you can trust to help your daily life become more manageable and enjoyable.

If you’ve decided to self-manage your NDIS plan, then you’re responsible for employing this support team and coordinating a schedule of care.

Once you’ve interviewed and selected your support workers, it’s important to set up a system that lets everyone on your team know their role and roster.

The rostering software for disability support is built into First2Care. The Schedule tool lets you create a completely customised calendar, and share shifts directly with support staff. It’s intuitive, efficient and built specifically to help people self-manage their NDIS plan.

This article looks at the key features of the First2Care Schedule tool and how to manage your NDIS support team. It’s easy it is to get started.

Connect with your support worker

When you’re selecting support workers, it’s helpful to have enough people in your team to cover any illness or emergencies. With the right network supporting you, it can make managing your NDIS plan less stressful.

Once you’ve decided who to include in your support network, you can invite them to connect using the app.

Here’s how:

  1. From your First2Care dashboard, click on Connections in the top navigation bar. Select My Invitations from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click the Add invitation button and complete the form. You’ll need to add your worker’s name, email and phone number.

  3. Select Support Worker from the Connection Type menu.

  4. When you click Save & Send, your support worker will receive an invite code to connect with you.

First2Care Worker Connections Screen

Assign your support worker a role

We know that different support workers help you with different things. And not every person is suitable for some jobs.

First2Care lets you assign each of your connected support workers a role. This role relates to how they are helping you achieve your NDIS plan goals.

These roles will help you use First2Care to match the right caregiver to a shift. You’ll also be able to easily demonstrate how your NDIS plan budget has been used.

Here’s how you assign a role in First2Care:

  1. Click on Connections in the top navigation bar and select Worker Connections from the drop-down menu. This page lists the contact details of all your connected support workers.

  2. Click the Edit button beside one of the listings.

  3. Tick any of the listed roles that apply to that support worker then click Save. You can tick all of them if relevant. If things change, you can update your selection at any stage.

First2Care Assign Worker Roles

Create a new appointment or shift

Keeping track of multiple shifts and support workers can take a lot of time. And printed rosters or scribbled notes often lead to missed appointments, misplaced information or miscommunication.

First2Care makes scheduling simple by listing all your support commitments in one place.

Using the schedule, you can quickly create new shifts and drag-and-drop to add them to the right time slot. From a single job to recurring appointments, you can clearly see what support you’ve booked and what shifts you have vacant.

And to help with your NDIS plan review, all the details about your shifts are recorded so you can demonstrate what you’ve achieved.

Here’s how to start scheduling:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click on Schedule and select Schedule from the drop-down menu.

  2. Find the date for your new shift and select the available time slot.

  3. Enter the details of your shift into the form, including a title and the start and finish dates and times. You can set the shift to repeat every day, week, month or year to make scheduling faster.

  4. Make a note in the Description box about the shift. This creates a record of how your scheduled support and funding are being used to meet your goals, which is important for your NDIS plan review.

  5. Select the type of support you need from the Role menu. If your support worker helps you with multiple roles, choose the main one that will apply to that shift.

  6. After you’ve made a selection, a Team Member menu will list people in your support team who are assigned to that role.

  7. Select the support worker best suited to deliver what you need. Once you click Save, they will automatically be notified about the job.

  8. Alternatively, you can choose to assign an Unconnected Team Member and notify them manually or select None to leave the shift vacant.

  9. Once you click Save, your shift will display as a block in your schedule. Shifts that have been filled will show in purple and vacant shifts in orange.

First2Care Support Worker Schedule

Manage changes to your roster

Occasionally, unexpected change and cancellations will happen in your schedule. But that doesn’t mean you should feel stressed.

First2Care makes solving rostering problems simple. When a shift is changed or removed from your schedule, you or the designated support worker will be notified immediately via the First2Care app.

You can also set your shifts to automatically broadcast if they’re vacant. If someone can’t make their shift, the job is then posted to people within your support care network who have been assigned the same role as the shift.

No drama, fuss or urgent phoning around to fill the gap. It’s shift care rostering without the headache!

Here’s how to set up your automation:

  1. Click on any shift you’ve created in your schedule. All of the details, including Role and Team Member should be complete. This lets First2Care communicate any changes to the designated support worker.

  2. From the Broadcast if vacant menu, select the Yes option.

  3. Now, if this shift becomes vacant, suitable support workers from your First2Care network will be notified to apply.

First2Care Broadcast a Shift

Check and approve invoices

When it comes to managing multiple invoices and payments, you want to keep things simple.

First2Care automatically generates timesheets for all your support workers based on the information entered into your schedule.

You can quickly double check and approve timesheets before paying invoices. You can also check your invoices against the time worked to confirm you’re being invoiced correctly.

Here’s how to check your timesheets:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click on Schedule and select Approval from the drop-down menu. You will see a list of timesheet entries to approve.

  2. You can filter the results by Team Member, Title or Shift Notes to find a specific entry.

  3. Click the Edit button beside the shift listing.

  4. Check that all the details entered are correct and click Save & Approve.

  5. If details seem incorrect, you can check with your support worker before making the necessary changes and clicking Save.

First2Care Timesheet Approval

Managing your own team of staff can be empowering. With a strong network of support, you get to make sure you receive the support you need, when you need it.

To keep everything running smoothly, you need a simple system for scheduling and communicating with your support workers.

First2Care makes it easy for everyone in your team to get on the same page. Streamlined automation lets everyone know when they're needed, working together to provide the best care and support possible.

Discover how to manage your NDIS support staff with First2Care.

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Over to you ...

How do you manage your team of support workers? Have you had any issues scheduling the support and services you need?

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How to manage your NDIS support staff, First2Care