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Sustainability in the Disability Sector for Non Profit Organisations

How First2Care can help ensure your service provider’s growth

Most non-profit organisations survive on the smell of an oily rag. Their leaders must make tough decisions between necessary resources and the services they support. But in highly competitive markets, where new entrants are threatening existing rivals, non-profit leaders must review and reconsider their strategic decisions, to ensure sustainability within the disability sector.

Under the NDIS, disability service providers will be forced to think and act more competitively. They will need to clearly understand and articulate their points of relevance and difference, including developing competitive advantages. 

Most new entrants to the disability sector will be highly digitised and commercialised businesses. They will be well resourced and have appropriate supporting capabilities. To be able to sustain their mission and continue to serve the people they support, non-profit organisations need to start thinking like commercial enterprises. That doesn’t mean a shift from the customer. In fact, it means a greater focus on the people they serve.

Client-centred model ensures sustainability

A human-centred approach to the business is essential for success under the NDIS. At its essence, that simply means having real empathy for the needs of the customer. What is important to them? What jobs are they trying to get done? And being able to translate this to ensure your service provider’s growth.

One critical area of business transformation for many disability service providers is the shift to a more digitised business. Many non-profits have outdated technology, with extremely limited functionality and capacity. To be competitive in the new market environment, non-profits must digitise – or they must outsource elements of their services to better support this necessary component of doing business in the NDIS. This is what will ensure their sustainability in the disability sector.

As time and money are inextricably linked in business, non-profits will need to learn and master the art of speed and agility. The faster you can get things done, the cheaper it is for the business and the better it is for your customers. Technology provides that speed and agility – and digitised businesses will lead the way in the NDIS.

The right disability services management software ensures growth

First2Care is the disability services management software that can ensure your growth through the delivery of quality, client-driven support. It does this by enabling you to connect with new and existing NDIS clients, design and deliver customer-centric support services, search and recruit independent support workers and manage NDIS-funded activities all in one place. Sustainability in the disability sector has been reformed with this digital application.

First2Care can help you:

  1. Increase your support capacity – increase your competitive edge by searching for and recruiting a skilled and flexible mobile support team from within the First2Care job market

  2. Reduce your costs – by coordinating and managing your support for your clients within a cost effective collaborative, digital platform

  3. Build a stronger foundation – Expand your network of existing clients and support workers from within the First2Care platform

  4. Deliver on strategic initiatives – Track goals and expenses easily, streamline your services to achieve financial targets to achieve sustainability in the disability sector.

Read more about the benefits of working with a Plan Manager. Alternatively, register with our FREE NDIS Plan Management platform, so we can start helping you best manage your plan today.

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Ensure your growth through delivery of quality, client-driven support today Over to you

What are you doing to ensure your service provider’s growth within the NDIS? We’d love to hear from you.