First2Care provide transparent NDIS Plan Management.

First2Care are registered to provide Plan Management services across Australia (with WA pending). Let us be your first choice in NDIS Plan Management, so you can focus on the stuff you love.




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Welcome to First2Care

Easy NDIS management for people with disabilities, workers and service providers.

Our journey to develop a simple solution for self-management under the NDIS began back in 2014 with an idea and plenty of passion. It has been an interesting journey. Our vision is to provide people with a disability and the important people in their life with a simple solution to help them influence the design and delivery of services they receive. One that allows everyone to exercise a greater degree of control and have a greater degree of involvement with their community, providers and individuals who deliver support services.

The journey has included conversations with people with a disability, their families and carers who are or want to self-manage or self-direct their NDIS supports. It has included meetings with the NDIS; and with service providers who are keen to deliver customer centred services. We’ve talked with key support workers, plan managers and plan coordinators. Plus, invested thousands of hours in developing a sector wide solution.

Our first presentation of the First2Care concept was at the NDIS New World conference in October 2015. The feedback we received at this conference and others we have attended since has guided our progress. It has buoyed our belief that the solution will help people take control of their supports and automate administrative requirements of self-directed care, saving time for the things that really matter.

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