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Disability Service Providers and Staffing Agencies

Do you want an affordable and efficient Plan Manager that provides timely payments, a dashboard for you to easily reconcile payments? Save time on administrative tasks and deliver more cost-effective support services.

Speak to us about our API integration. Alternatively send in invoices via emails or just drag and drop them into our First2Care portal for a more efficient payment process and you'll receive your payment quicker.

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Simple Disability Services Management Software purpose-built for NDIS

Reduce your costs

First2Care is the NDIS software built with efficiency in mind. Manage participants’ NDIS funding, track goals and expenses; generate NDIS compliant reports quickly and easily. Automate time-consuming administrative tasks so that you can focus on your growth as a Disability Service Provider.

Deliver on strategic objectives

First2Care assists you to achieve strategic objectives by making it easy to track client’s expenses, producing NDIS compliant reports for clients and your organisation. Our Plan Management service will also assist your organisation achieve financial targets, and streamline your services.

Dream. Plan. Live.

Register free. Start designing your dream plan, and managing your funds – with one easy app


First2Care provide transparent NDIS Plan Management.

First2Care are registered to provide Plan Management services across Australia (with WA pending). Let us be your first choice in NDIS Plan Management, so you can focus on the stuff you love.




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