Alex Anthony

Alex Anthony

Business Development Officer

In my time at First2Care, I progressed from the invoice data entry team to customer support officer to lead customer support officer and am currently in the process of becoming business development manager which I am ecstatic about! Since beginning with First2Care, the company has experienced tremendous growth which I am delighted to have contributed to and witnessed firsthand.

With a background in numerous customer service roles including a bustling employment services customer support centre, I am proud of the skills and knowledge I have been able to impart on our small but passionate and every growing team. Adversity is commonplace in the disability sector, despite this, my most memorable client interactions involve going above and beyond the call of duty to resolve challenging situations.. There are many reasons I am inspired and motivated to give my all to my work.

I feel truly fortunate with the cards life has dealt me, as such I feel an incredibly strong urge and responsibility to give back to the community through being a pillar of this company I cherish so dearly. When I’m not working, I love being in the gym and aspire to someday compete in weightlifting competitions!

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