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Focus on the life you want to live, while First2Care takes care of your NDIS finances and paperwork for you


Your NDIS Plan shouldn’t be stressful

First2Care Plan Management is here to help you dream, plan and live your life with confidence.

We are truly independent Plan Managers, which means we only provide Plan Management services, making you our only focus. We help NDIS participants, like you, by tailoring our Plan Management services to suit your needs, giving you more choice and control over your life and your NDIS plan.

With First2Care you can enjoy the freedom of self-management without the burden of managing your budget yourself.

We take the stress away by taking care of your invoices and paperwork. You stay in control of your plan, while we manage it all for you by:

Managing your spending, claims and paperwork for you

Paying your invoices on time, every time

Taking care of your paperwork and record keeping – all in one place

Helping you understand your funding, so you can engage supports with confidence

Answering questions you have about your plan’s budget

Helping you navigate your First2Care dashboard to check your plan’s budget and spending

Giving you full choice and control over who you employ with the freedom to use registered and non-registered providers

Financial Management with you in control

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Enjoy the same flexibility of choice and control that self-management offers, without the stresses of financial and administrative record keeping. Our approachable and experienced First2Care Plan Management team work closely with you every step of the way.

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Our team take their direction from you. So, you can be confident knowing you'll receive tailored, meaningful assistance with NDIS Plan Management to pay invoices, track expenses, and understand what expenses you can include.



Have the freedom to choose from registered or unregistered service providers that best meet your needs and fit your budget. Your plan, your choice – with a little help from our First2Care Plan Management team.

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MyPlan Portal

The First2Care MyPlan Portal provides on-the-go access to your First2Care account and NDIS plan details, real-time NDIS budgets and monthly budget statements, your past and current invoices, and quick links to our blogs and resources.



You’re in complete control of your plan and your supports. Without the hassle of paperwork and the burden of paying the bills, you can spend more time living your life and achieving your goals.

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Most Plan Managers provide reports to participants on a monthly basis, but with First2Care you can see how your budgets are tracking at any time by accessing the First2Care MyPlan Potral, your personal NDIS plan management platform.

Meet your personal NDIS Plan Management team today

Plan Management is right for you if…

You want choice and control over your life and your NDIS plan, but you’re worried about how you're going to manage the budgeting and claiming process.

You want real-time tracking of your NDIS budgets (this makes preparing for your plan review easy!)

You want personalised service from a friendly team with over 30 years of financial industry experience, and know the NDIS inside and out - including all those tricky plan budget questions.

You’re currently self-managing and aren’t coping with the financial and administrative tasks, and want to change to plan management (yes, you can do that!).

Life’s too short to stress about paying bills and keeping a meticulous record of it all. Let us handle your NDIS finances and paperwork for you.


What is Plan Management?

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Help! How do I choose a Plan Manager?

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NDIS Plan Management: your questions answered

What our Participants are saying?

"A Godsend to me. I was overwhelmed at the thought of the NDIS and having to do a plan. But with First2Care they helped me break it down into more manageable segments. Now i feel less stressed about starting to get my plan in place."

Suzanne, NDIS Participant

“The LAC at our planning meeting was really impressed with the level of detail and thought that had gone into their platform. I would encourage anyone who is going through this process, or even reviewing their existing plan, to use this tool. It's Free!  First2Care have provided excellent support and advice through their Facebook page and it was interesting to see the experiences of other uses.”

Helen L, Parent of NDIS Participant

Your first choice in NDIS Plan Management

Let us handle your NDIS finances and paperwork for you

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