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About First2Care

Your Approachable Plan Management Team

Maintain your Choice and Control over your plan with Personalised support from an Independent Plan Manager. 

With First2Care, approved invoices are processed efficiently and accuratelywith detailed Guidance from experienced professionals.

You get up to date budget information, with access to our Portal and Monthly Reports.


Our Vision

We believe in empowering NDIS participants to confidently pursue their dreams and goals by reducing the burden of financial and administrative management. We are passionate about the work we do, and strive to help NDIS participants to get the most out of their NDIS plans. As Plan Managers, we will always go above and beyond. We are approachable, transparent, and committed to helping you navigate your NDIS plan.


Your Independent NDIS Plan Management

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been life changing for many Australians. Partnering with the right providers is crucial to enabling you to receive the quality of care and support you need.

First2Care is a leading NDIS Plan Management provider, registered across all of Australia. When you work with First2Care, you can be confident knowing you will receive professional and transparent support delivered by truly independent Plan Managers. We do Plan Management your way. You will maintain choice and control over your plan, while we take care of your daily financial and administrative needs.

When you work with us, you will have access to your own personal bookkeeping team who will manage your NDIS finances and paperwork, giving you more time to do the things you love.

We provide tailored, meaningful financial services to you so you can achieve your goals within the NDIS. We use the latest technology with MyPlan, our First2Care Plan Management platform, designed to guide you through every step of your NDIS journey, from pre-planning to your plan review.

We will always put your needs first to help you dream big, plan to make it happen, and live the life you want.

To learn more about First2Care, contact our friendly team.

What does tailored, meaningful Financial Services mean for you?

Our Plan Management services will make a difference to your life.

No out of pocket costs for Plan Management – the NDIA pays your Plan Manager directly for you

The freedom of complete choice and control over your supports – just as if you were self-managing your funds

The ability to choose registered and unregistered service providers

Maintain control of your supports and budgets – without the administrative burden of managing your NDIS funding

Personalised, one-on-one support – so you spend less time managing finances and administration, and more time on achieving your goals and living life

Help to build your capacity to self-manage down the track

Complete transparency with your budget


Access and update your information at any time using MyPlan, your personal NDIS Plan Management platform

About First2Care


Administration and Invoicing

First2Care takes the stress out of managing your invoices. Upload them directly into MyPlan, send them to us or arrange for providers to send them on your behalf.


Claims and Payments

Your experienced Plan Management team will process claims through MyPlan. We’ll ensure all your invoices are paid promptly, keeping your support providers happy and saving you time to spend on the things that really count.

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Have peace of mind knowing that all your records are kept with NDIS compliance in mind. We’ll ensure all your invoices are correct and they match any Service Agreements you have with your providers. You don’t want to be paying for support you didn’t receive.

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Budgeting and Support

Stay in the loop on your budget with monthly expenditure summary statements, or log into MyPlan, your personal NDIS Plan Management platform, to check your spending and available funds at any time.

Find out more about our First2CarePlan Management Services

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