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Chelsey Stephenson

Client Liaison Team

People, Culture & Improvement Manager

I love that I can provide a personalised service for an important element of supporting NDIS Participants to use their funding to enjoy their life, their way. I have supported children, youth and families in the community for over ten years. I am proud of my ability to get to know my clients, allow them to feel heard and respected, and support them to live their life in a way that is meaningful to them.

I have worked across South East Queensland, Central Queensland, Remote areas including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities, and Nauru. I particularly enjoy helping my clients to identify their strengths and accomplishments, and celebrating wins along the way.

I appreciate that the people I meet are individuals, with their own goals and struggles. One memorable interaction that comes to mind, was engaging with a particular young person. Working in a system where young people often heard "no," we decided to have a "YES" day. We set some agreements for safety and financial limits, and then the young person decided what we did for the day. We went to the beach, felt the sand between our toes, drove to new places, tried new foods, and the young person taught me to play arcade games! This day was an important reminder for me, that sometimes, we just need to try something new.

A lot of my clients have experienced things that I can't even begin to imagine, and some days, just getting out of bed in the morning is an achievement to celebrate. I have two children and two dogs - we enjoy travelling, camping and spending time outside. In my spare time, I restore timber furniture... the last one took me nearly six months.

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