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Christy Blackburn

Client Liaison Team

Client Liaison Officer

My role of Client Manager means I get to be in the lives of people who need support and assistance, just in a different capacity to what you might expect. An accomplishment I’m really proud of in my work is being able to change the lives of the people I supported. Watching them become empowered and independent to live their best lives is the most rewarding feeling. To see the pride in not only theirs but the faces of their network when they achieved a goal is what this industry is all about.

Something I will always remember forever was getting to support a client to see their brother for the first time in 5 years. Months and months of work and searching went into that one moment, it was the best outcome and most amazing thing to be a part of. And four years later they still get to see each other every 6 months. What inspires me to do my job is my need to help people fulfil their dreams and goals, and to hopefully one day help society see a person's ability and not their disability. This is what drives me and inspires me to go above and beyond all the time. My life revolves around my kids, family and music; there always has to be music!

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