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Jennee Caskey

Client Liaison Team

Client Liaison Officer

The position that I have with First2Care is of a Client Manager, which allows me the privilege of contacting an allocated section of our client base to help our clients keep up-to-date with their plan funding, and be available to them to help with any questions that they may have with accessing this funding. I previously was a Senior Administrator, Executive Assistant and Bookkeeper.

However, experience with the NDIS and the disability sector of our community comes from being a major part of a young person’s life for the past 11 years who has very high needs with the multiple disabilities that he faces. I have been in a very hands-on role with him throughout these 11 years. Besides my family which consists of 3 adult children, I have 5 grandchildren and am 'Grandma' to 6 others that have become part of our family. I understand disabilities in multiple forms and importance of 'extended family' with whatever form that takes. I love music, the outdoors and my garden.

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