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Mowing and yard maintenance

2 minutes

30 July 2021

Our friendly support team frequently hears concerns around mowing and yard maintenance. The world of yard maintenance within the NDIS can be confusing, and the guidelines around it can be hard to follow.

The reason: most yard maintenance businesses don’t have experience with the way the NDIS works when it comes to payment processing, invoicing using NDIS guidelines and directing invoices to participant plan managers.

The NDIS has certain rules when it comes to creating an invoice, which need to include specific details. Often yard maintenance providers will issue an invoice with a lump sum for the total service amount, but the NDIS requires plan managers (like us) to process invoice payments at an hourly rate.

When connecting with a mower or yard maintenance provider, it can be helpful to let them know about these rules before they start working. Better yet, discuss and sign a service agreement with them detailing the services that will be provided and the hourly rate at which they will be changed (while adhering to the NDIS Price Guide).

If you have a yard maintenance provider, or another provider that is unsure of the NDIS invoicing process, you can direct them to our blog ‘For Providers: Invoicing Guide for Faster Payments’ which outlines the details that should be included in invoices for successful processing.

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