Five Accessible Activities You Can Do This Summer

There is nothing like summer in Australia. From finding your balance on a surfboard to roaming the halls of an art gallery to coming face-to-face with lions (and tigers, and bears… oh my). With so many accessible activities now available (and more available each year), it’s time to pop on some sun cream, grab a hat, and enjoy all that Australia has to offer.

Man with prosthetic leg holding a surfboard on a beach

Sun and Sand

Spending the day at the beach is a BIG part of Australian culture and considering Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we’re not surprised! However, Australia’s beaches haven’t always been accessible for everyone (and some of them still aren’t). In recent years, there has been a push to make more and more of our beautiful beaches accessible to all Australians.

Accessible beaches offer easier access by providing ramps, wheelchair beach mats and accessible change rooms or showers. If you would like to head to the beach this summer, check out the Accessible Beaches Directory to find an accessible beach near you.

If you’re keen to try surfing, the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia has locations across the country (and even in New Zealand!), you can contact their team to sign up for a class or check out their upcoming events.

A Little Bit of Culture

Museums, art galleries, theatres and other arts venues can be a great way to escape the summer heat. Australia has a plethora of museums, art galleries and other art venues to choose from with many of them having been designed as inclusive spaces, accessible to anyone.

If you’re in the mood for some art, here are a range of accessible museums and art galleries by state*:


New South Wales



South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory