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First2Care PACE Checklist

Updated: Mar 5

The new NDIS PACE system has gradually been rolling out nationwide for the last few months. For most participants now on the new system, this has resulted in minimal to no disruption to their NDIS experience. As with any new system, teething issues are always going to be inevitable, and this has impacted a few of our clients since November 2023.

Given most of these issues have been reoccurring across multiple participants, we have put together this information for anyone expecting to transition to the new PACE system with their next plan. These will be important things to consider and to raise with your Support Coordinator or LAC in your plan review to ensure that your plan is suitable for your needs.

Are you currently receiving, or are expecting to receive, Supported Independent Living supports?

Supported Independent Living (or SIL) supports used to be included in the Assistance with Daily Life category within the Core budget. This has now been moved to its own category – Home & Living.

We have noticed on occasion that the SIL funding on PACE plans has been incorrectly allocated towards the Assistance with Daily Life budget, which makes it inaccessible for SIL supports. To ensure continuity of your supports, make sure to raise with your Planner to ensure that Home & Living is correctly allocated.

You may also need to request to your provider to update the support codes they use on their invoices, to ensure that they do not take funding incorrectly from your (likely, now smaller) Assistance with Daily Life budget.

Are you currently receiving, or are expecting to receive, Assistive Technology rental or repair supports?

Assistive Technology is another budget that has recently been updated with the new PACE system. Repairs and rental of Assistive Technology has now been separated into its own category. If you have previously been funded for the rental or repair of your purchased equipment, you will need to request with your Planner to ensure that the correct category is included in your plan.

There is no requirement for your providers to update how they invoice.

Are you new to the NDIS or wanting to join First2Care to help manage and navigate your PACE plan with you?

Under the new PACE system, there is a requirement that a plan manager must have an approved relationship with a client. If a relationship request has already been lodged, then we are able to finalise set up of new clients. However, if this relationship has not been approved, then the client or an authorised representative will need to contact the NDIA to approve this.

You can find the best contact information for the NDIA here: Contact | NDIS

In your discussion with the NDIA, you will need to ensure that First2Care are correctly recorded as your plan manager. This will allow us to get access to the correct budget information.

These are all responsibilities of the NDIA to ensure they are correct when new plans are set up, however with the freshness of PACE, some errors are understandable from time to time. The more informed you are going into the process, the better the outcomes tend to be for everyone involved.


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