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For Providers: 10 Ways to Get Clients & Stand Out from the Crowd

Although the increase in NDIS participants might give the impression that your provider business should be booming, that may not be the case. This is because you need to find participants, or better yet, participants need to be able to find you. With that in mind, we’ve come up with 10 easy solutions to help your business grow while ensuring you stand out from other providers in your field.

Two women and a man on a sidewalk in conversation
Two women and a man on a sidewalk in conversation

#1 Create a website

When it comes to searching for a provider, one of the first places a participant will go is the internet. So, it makes sense to have a website that showcases your business and services.

First impressions can be make or break so it’s important to ensure your website is simple, professional, and ideally aesthetic in its design. Thankfully you don’t need to hire expert website developers or be an expert yourself, as most hosting platforms will provide you with templates, user friendly options and easy customisation options.

No matter how you choose to design your website, be sure to include things like an ‘about’ section, ‘services’, and a ‘contact page.

As a provider working with NDIS participants, it’s also a good idea to consider the accessibility of your website. This may mean including simple and large copy, image descriptions, defined links, appropriate colour choices, and the overall layout of the website.

#2 Working with NDIS participants? Use the NDIS logo

If you are a registered NDIS provider, you can use the NDIS logo on your website and other marketing materials to let potential clients know that you work within the scheme. This can ensure your credibility for participants.

#3 Set up a Google My Business Account

The Google My Business Account allows you to better connect with potential clients across Google Search and Google Maps. This account is free and easy to set up. You can include photos, contact details, and website links in your account, and clients can easily leave reviews (which could lead to more clients and a higher Google ranking).

#4 Set up social media business pages

Social media is another free way you can reach more potential clients. By setting up a business page on Facebook and Instagram, NDIS participants who use these platforms to search for providers will be able to find and connect with you.

It’s important to note that social pages shouldn’t necessarily be used to push sales, but rather as a place you can connect with people, share information, snippets of success or ay-to-day life, answer questions and so much more.

#5 Get involved in the community (online and in person)

Connecting with your community, whether it be online or in person, can be a great way to showcase who you are.

If you’re in an online community space, just like with your personal social media pages, it’s not about pushing your business but more about sharing your passion, insights, and ultimately building a relationship.

If you want to connect with people in person, visiting events or trade shows can be a great option as it gives participants the chance to find you and get to know you personally.

Remember, when it comes to building strong relationships – the more you give, the more you get.

#6 Connect with NDIS Support Coordinators and Plan Managers

Support Coordinators and Plan Managers are often asked for recommendations of trustworthy providers by NDIS participants. So, whether you’re a new business or one that has been around for a while, it’s always a good idea to build a strong, authentic relationship with support coordinators and plan managers. Let them know who you are and what services you offer.

#7 Join provider finder lists

Another option to get the word out there is to be on a provider finder list (or search engine). Some of these include:

NDIS Provider Finder Search Engines:

#8 Testimonials

Testimonials can be a powerful tool. It showcases the experiences others have had when engaging your services. If you’re a new business, getting testimonials may seem a little daunting and maybe even impossible to start with. Even if you only have one client, that presents an opportunity for gaining a testimonial, which could lead to another client who can provide another testimonial and so on.

#9 Offer virtual meetings and interviews

Virtual meetings and interviews are on the rise. They can be more convenient, easy to set up and even save money and time. Virtual meeting also broadens your community. Rather than being limited to the people in your immediate area, you might be in Brisbane and able to provide necessary assistance to someone in Perth.

Websites like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet (among others), all offer free options for virtual meetings.

#10 Improve your online search rankings

Good search rankings can make a world of difference. The two key options for improving your rankings are through organic search (Search-Engine Optimisation or SEO) and paid search. It’s a good idea to look at ways to boost your SEO ranking so you can reach more people, and depending on your business and finances, you may way to include paid search as well.

If you have a participant who is plan managed with First2Care, you can register your details with our First2Care team for quick and easy payment processing. Read more about First2Care Plan Management here.



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