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For Providers: Invoicing Guide for Faster Payments

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

When it comes to the invoicing and payments process under the NDIS, we know two things to be true… providers want seamless invoice payments and the NDIS is a big fan of rules and regulations. To help ensure that the rules laid out by the NDIS are being followed and that payments are swift, we wanted to share some key information that should be included in every invoice for a smooth payment process.

Man using his computer to create an invoice

What to include

There are three main sections – Provider, Participant and Invoice Details – that need to be included in an invoice that adheres to the NDIS invoicing process.

Provider details to include are:

  • Provider name

  • Provider ABN

  • Unique Invoice number

  • Provider invoice date – dd/mm/yyyy format only

  • Provider bank details

Participant details to include, if available, are:

  • Participant name

  • Participant NDIS number

  • Participant residential address

Invoice details to include are:

  • Support item number – you can use the NDIS Support Catalogue to find the correct number

  • Support date/s – dd/mm/yyyy format only

  • Description of the support

  • Quantity – in decimal format e.g., use 1.5 to represent one hour and thirty minutes

  • Unit price – your unit or hourly rate

  • GST – if applicable

  • Individual line subtotal and invoice total

When we process invoices

On average, our First2Care Accounts Team processes and pays invoices received Monday through Thursday within the same week. If an invoice is received on Friday then payments will likely be made on the following Monday.

You should also consider sending invoices on a weekly basis as monthly invoices could be impacted by Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits updates or different plan periods. This can cause delays in invoice processing times.

Ideally your invoice should have a daily breakdown of your services. Having a correct invoice helps to ensure that there are no delays in processing your invoice.

What format and how to send them

Invoices should be attached as a PDF when being sent to our Accounts Team. A PDF format is preferred but other accepted formats are JPG or PNG. Invoices sent as Word or Excel documents, or as an embedded link in an email, will be slightly delayed in processing.

If you have an invoice that needs processing, you can send it to our Accounts Team by emailing Make sure to include the invoice number and the participant’s name or NDIS Number in the email subject.

Seven Easy Invoicing Tips to Know

  1. Ensure that the amount you are charging for the support or service you have provided accurately reflects the hourly rates within the current NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. If the price you are charging exceeds the NDIS’ rates, it will only be partially funded. Keep in mind that the Pricing Arrangements are set by the NDIS, not by First2Care, and the maximum rates should only be charged if agreed with the Participant.

  2. Always ensure that the quantity is included on each line item and that it is correct. Quite often we see a quantity defaulted to “1” which can cause the invoice to be short-funded.

  3. Make sure each line item on your invoice has a service date, even if it only has one line item. This way, there is never any confusion over which rate to use and you are less likely to be short-funded.

  4. Ensure days falling on a weekend or public holiday where a different rate applies are entered as separate line items.

  5. If you do not include an NDIS code, make your description of the service as accurate as possible.

  6. Check that the weekday, weekend, and evening rates are clearly outlined to prevent any payment processing delays.

  7. If you know which NDIS code your service aligns with, include this in your invoice. If you are unsure of which code to choose, you can contact our Support Team on 1300 322 273 or email Alternatively, you can see a full list of codes and descriptions of these line items in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits on the NDIS website.

If you have a participant who is plan managed with First2Care, you can register your details with our First2Care team for quick and easy payment processing. Read more about First2Care Plan Management here.



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