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Supports in Hospital

Updated: Jan 15

Admittance to hospital can be a stressful and often difficult time for participants and their support networks. Questions can arise about who is responsible for what aspects of their daily care.

In general, the NDIS is NOT responsible for funding day to day support for participants while they are in hospital, even if there are complex needs.

The health system has a universal obligation to all patients including people with disability and are responsible for making reasonable adjustments to meet individual needs. Non-hospital staff are also not likely to be able to comply with the hospital's requirements for insurance, patient care policies, equipment operation, and other workplace health and safety obligations.

The health system is also responsible for clinical mental health support, both in and outside of hospital.

Plan Manager Responsibility

As with any reasonable and necessary support, it is not up to the plan manager to pay or not pay an invoice if it is for supports delivered while in hospital. However, our role is to communicate the NDIS guidelines to you.

What can be funded?

The NDIS may fund Reasonable and Necessarysupports to:

  • Give guidance and training for hospital staff working with participants with challenging behaviours.

  • Give specific training to help hospital staff communicate with you if you have complex communication needs.

Participants with complex communication needs or challenging behaviours may have their usual supports continue, however, it is recommended that this be discussed and agreed with the hospital and the NDIS.

Click the button below to learn more about the: Principles to determine the responsibility of the NDIS and other service systems. Learn more about the NDIS principles(

The NDIS also has Health Liaison Officers whose job it is to work with the hospital on a case-by-case basis with the goal of determining how the NDIS can support the participant to leave hospital and return to the community. Learn more about hospital discharge | NDIS

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