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Billing for PACE

What Providers Need to Know About Invoicing!

Over the last few months, the PACE system has slowly become the new normal for many participants on the NDIS. We have seen that most new plans have been on the PACE system as it has gradually been rolled out nationwide since November 2023.

With a significant number of participants now on the PACE system, we have put together a summary in this blog of the key changes that have been made in the last few months. Some of these have been covered in previous blogs, but there is always new information to learn about the NDIA and their processes. We have also summarised some of the additional changes that are affecting all participants, not just those on the PACE system.

You can see our previous checklist for PACE supports here: First2Care PACE Checklist

Changes to Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology has been split into two separate categories. Assistive Technology (05) remains within the Capital Supports budget where required items can be purchased. This category is now solely for the purchase of equipment.

Upkeep and rental costs for assistive technology has now been transitioned to the new category of Assistive Technology Maintenance, Repair, and Rental (19). This budget category can not be used flexibly with AT05 nor any other category.

There is no requirement to update how invoices are written to ensure that the correct category is utilised. If the invoice states it is for repair or rental, then it will be correctly assigned.

You can see our previous blog on Assistive Technology updates here: PACE and Assistive technology Rentals (

Changes to Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) used to be included in the Assistance with Daily Life (01) category within the Core Budget. This has now been moved to its own category – Home and Living (16). This new category is not considered to be a part of the Core Budget and is therefore no longer flexible like it was previously.

Because of this, it has become more important to ensure that invoices are correctly written to ensure that funding is taken from the correct category. Incorrectly processed SIL invoices taking from the 01 category can result in the Core Budget being rapidly depleted.

If you are providing SIL support to a PACE client, you must ensure that you are using the correct description and codes on invoices.

  • 01_801_0115_1_1 Assistance in SIL - Standard - Weekday Daytime

  • 01_802_0115_1_1 Assistance in SIL - Standard - Weekday Evening

  • 01_803_0115_1_1 Assistance in SIL - Standard - Weekday Night

  • 01_804_0115_1_1 Assistance in SIL - Standard – Saturday

  • 01_805_0115_1_1 Assistance in SIL - Standard – Sunday

  • 01_806_0115_1_1 Assistance in SIL - Standard - Public Holiday

Please note that these codes still utilise the 01 prefix, but they are allocated towards the new Home and Living 16 budget category.

You can see our previous blog on SIL funding here: PACE Plans and Claiming Supported Independent Living (

The NDIA also has resources on SIL supports here: Supported independent living provider guidance | NDIS

Updates to Group Settings

In January 2024, the NDIA completed an update to how Group Settings supports are handled. This change is for all NDIS participants, not just those on the PACE system.

Claiming for group settings has been simplified to a single code. The 1:2, 1:3, etc codes have been retired from use.

The following codes should be utilised based on when the supports were delivered:

  • 04_102_0136_6_1 Group Activities - Standard - Weekday Daytime

  • 04_103_0136_6_1 Group Activities - Standard - Weekday Evening

  • 04_104_0136_6_1 Group Activities - Standard – Saturday

  • 04_105_0136_6_1 Group Activities - Standard – Sunday

  • 04_106_0136_6_1 Group Activities - Standard - Public Holiday

The invoice should reflect the total hourly rate divided by the number of participants in the group activity. The combined rate from all participants must not exceed the capped price limits as set by the NDIA. All participants are still invoiced separately.

For example, if you have a rate of $50/hr and provide group activities support for two clients, both would be invoiced a total of $25/hr.

The NDIA have provided information on the changes to group setting supports here: Pricing arrangements | NDIS

A reminder that this Group Settings update is for all participants on the NDIA, not just for those on the PACE system.



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