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How we Fight Against Fraud

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Fraud has been a hot topic over the past few years. With such a significant amount of funding involved in the NDIS, it is crucial to have measures in place to protect both NDIS participants and providers against fraud. Providers, particularly plan managers, are often able to identify suspicious behaviour to safeguard NDIS transactions.

Group of co-workers sitting in office lobby with a laptop
Group of co-workers sitting in office lobby with a laptop

Enhanced Safeguards Against Fraud: Initiatives by The NDIA & Australian Government

In a concerted effort to protect both participants and providers from fraudulent activities, the NDIA, alongside the Australian government, has introduced several new measures, namely the establishment of the Fraud Fusion Taskforce. This initiative aims to consolidate resources and facilitate information sharing among various governmental bodies including the NDIS Commission, Federal Police, and the NDIA itself.

Furthermore, the integration of technological advancements and data analytics tools has been crucial in uncovering and countering fraudulent transactions, thus enabling proactive risk identification.

Our Resolute Stand on Fraud Prevention

As a registered Plan Manager, First2Care is entrusted with the responsibility of disbursing payments directly to providers, positioning us at the vanguard of detecting unusual or suspicious claiming patterns.

Here’s an overview of our fraud mitigation strategies:

  • Enhanced Monitoring: Diligent scrutiny of claims to identify any unusual activities.

  • Bank Detail Security: Bank detail alterations are executed only after thorough verification, minimising the risks associated with email scams, particularly spoofed or phishing emails.

  • Adaptive Payment Authorisation: Providing options to either auto-pay trusted providers or require client-specific approvals.

First2Care proudly holds the ISO 27001-2022 certification. Our robust systems, meticulous processes, and prudent management practices are geared towards creating a fraud-resistant environment while managing NDIS funds on behalf of our participants.

Embracing ISO 27001-2022

ISO 27001-2022 is a renowned global standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), offering a systematic approach for organisations to safeguard and manage their information assets, including the sensitive data of NDIS participants.

Adherence to ISO 27001-2022 enables us to establish a robust framework for identifying, assessing, and addressing information security risks, pertinent to our role as your NDIS plan manager. This standard encompasses various security protocols like secure data storage, access management, encryption, regular security assessments, and swift incident response mechanisms. It ensures we stay updated with the latest security protocols, thereby bolstering the trust and professionalism inherent in our certified Plan Management services amidst a backdrop of rising cyber threats. We believe it is the benchmark that all participants should expect of their Plan Managers.

Should you have concerns regarding fraudulent activities, do not hesitate to contact the NDIS fraud reporting and scams helpline at 1800 650 717, or via email

Read more about the benefits of working with an independent, professional Plan Manager. Alternatively, contact our friendly team on 1300 322 273 or


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