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NDIS Capacity Building Supports Explained

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Do you feel in the dark about how you can use your NDIS plan funding to pursue your goals? We’ve got you. Discover how to navigate your NDIS plan like a pro by getting to know your Capacity Building Supports and how they can help you on your NDIS journey.

Shining a light on Capacity Building Supports

Capacity Building Supports are designed to help build skills and independence in your daily life, and to help you pursue your goals. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will assess your needs, and your short and long-term goals during a planning meeting to help identify which Capacity Building Supports might need to be funded. It’s important to know, that you will not necessarily be funded for all the Capacity Building Supports categories.

Capacity Building Support Categories

There are nine Capacity Building Supports categories:

  1. Support Coordination is a fixed amount of funding that can be used to engage a Support Coordinator who can help you to connect with, and implement your plan.

  2. Improved Living Arrangements (or ‘CB Home Living’) helps you to find and maintain appropriate accommodation for your needs.

  3. Increased Social and Community Participation (or ‘CB Social Community and Civic Participation’) helps you with the development and training of life skills to encourage your participation in your community, and with social and recreational activities.

  4. Finding and Keeping a Job (or ‘CB Employment’) helps you to find and maintain employment. This funding can be used for employment related support, training and assessments.

  5. Improved Relationships (or ‘CB Relationships’) helps you to develop positive behavioural strategies to better your interactions with people in your life and community.

  6. Improved Health and Wellbeing (or ‘CB Health and Wellbeing’) helps you to manage the impact of your disability through exercise and diet advice. It’s important to know, that gym memberships are not included in your funding.

  7. Improved Learning (or ‘CB Lifelong Learning’) provides training and advice to help you move from school into higher education, like university or TAFE.

  8. Improved Choices (or CB Choice and Control) helps you to manage your plan funding with the help of a Plan Manager, like First2Care.

  9. Improved Daily Living (or CB Daily Activity) helps to build your capacity to engage within your community or to be more independent at home by providing assessment, training or therapy to help increase your skills.

Flexible, or not?

Unlike with Core Supports, Capacity Building Supports are not flexible. For example, if you have funding for ‘Improved Learning’, you cannot use your allocated funding from that specific category towards funding another category, like ‘Improved Daily Living’.

Improved Choices and Plan Management

‘Improved Choices’ is all about giving you more choice and control over how your NDIS plan is managed. In your planning meeting, you can easily request to have a Plan Manager included in your NDIS funding, which comes at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Our sole focus at First2Care, as dedicated Plan Managers, is to ensure you maintain choice and control over your NDIS plan, without having to deal with the financial and administrative tasks of managing a plan yourself.

As your Plan Managers, we will:

  • Manage your spending, claims and paperwork;

  • Process and pay your invoices (on time, every time);

  • Help you understand your funding and supports;

  • Give you full choice and control over your NDIS plan and the supports you engage;

  • Answer any questions you have about your plan; and

  • Deliver monthly budget reports.

If you or someone in your network is looking for a truly independent and professional Plan Manager, you can speak with our First2Care team.

Read more about the benefits of working with an independent, professional Plan Manager. Alternatively, contact our friendly team on 1300 322 273 or


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