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Goodbye IAs

2 minutes

30 July 2021

Over the past year, thousands of people with disability, families, and people who work in the sector have shared their opinions about the proposed change to the NDIS through the introduction of Independent Assessments (IAs). Those opinions have finally been heard!

On Friday 9th July 2021, Minister Linda Reynolds met with the state and territory Disability Ministers to discuss the upcoming Amendments Bill, and the proposal of Independent Assessments (IAs).

Together, the disability community has demonstrated resilience in the face of policy changes that don’t seek to benefit NDIS participants, families, and providers. As the Government goes back to the drawing board for policy changes, community consultation is more important than ever.

There are still plenty of questions that remain unanswered pending the upcoming Amendments Bill.

Will there be something to replace Independent Assessments?

When will a draft be released of the Amendments Bill be released?

And will the NDIA consult with the disability community on proposed changes?

Although there are still MANY questions to be answered, this was a huge victory.

First2Care promise to support our participants through all the ups and downs of the NDIS by keeping you up to date with proposed NDIS changes and how these changes may impact you. One of our core values is the wellbeing of our participants, which we will continue to advocate for as the NDIS grows and develops.

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